About Us

Hive fx Studioz specializes in creating the innovative visual experience in VFX and animation for advertising & TV channels. Hive fx Studioz provides the cutting- edge technology to create striking visual experience with global standards, at competitive rates. From the initial stages of conception, we bring ingenious technological solutions to our clients’ visual requirements. Committed to innovation, our technical and creative excellence helps us push the boundaries and break new ground. We have been able to work with reputed advertising agencies and TV channels, to create vivid imagery in our nascent journey of one year. Our dream is to create unparalleled visual experience in India which could be cherished into the cinematic history of the world.


Hive fx Studioz services span the full spectrum of VFX and CG animation. From Thought to delivery our full service capabilities empower filmmakers, ad film makers and television producers with the newest tools and techniques to refine their work in the post production & production environment.
Pre - visualization, Animatic, Storyboarding, Conceptual Art, Graphic Design
On set Supervision
2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphic, Motion Tracking, Matte Painting, Rig & Wire Removal, Clean-up
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Hive fx Studioz has a young, but accomplished team with specialists in a number of fields, providing full animation service to companies and clients across the globe. With an impressive and diverse portfolio of work on both film and television, the inventive minds at Hive fx Studioz speak the same language as their clients. They master the processes, the tools and they have the state of mind required to deliver stunning visuals.


Our people matter to us; they’re integral to our success and the success of our clients. We’re committed to creating an environment that nurtures creativity and rewards talent and determination. Hive fx Studioz do value experience with high-end skills other than Fresh Talent. If you are interested in joining us, Attach your Resume to following link.


Hive fx studioz works with leaders in Animation and Visual effects for Film, Television Channels, Creative Agencies and Digital Media.

We are Thankful to our prestigious Cliental for the trust and helping us grow our Network as Family.